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Update: Justice for Junior

Hello Droogz and Diamonds, It’s been two months since the tragedy of Junior Guzman Feliz. I can’t imagine what his mother is going through and I admire her strength during her time of mourning. There have been more updates and arrests since my last post. Last time these guys were in court all pleading not guilty. They were caught on […]


What I found on

Hello Droogz and Diamonds, Today’s blog post is to talk about my family’s history. My family and I have been trying to find a photo of my great grandmother (My grandfather’s mother). Unfortunately we didn’t find anything but a paper census. On the paper census shows my great great aunt, My great grandmother, My grandfather, His brother and Sister. I […]


Updates and Recovery

Hey Guys! Its been a while I haven’t posted anything‚Ķ. ugh don’t hurt me. I have been working on a few projects that will be released with in weeks to the end of this year. Yes! Novels, TV Shows, and short films. Its been a long process but Im still working hard. Thats my update and my recovery, well its […]