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Pink Lipstick in the WILDsound Festival

Hey Droogs and Diamonds Happy to announce that my poem from my poetry book Pink Lipstick, Film Strips and My Existence is in the WILDsound Festival Website! Please check it […]

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New Novel

Hey Droogs and Diamonds! Im happy to announce that my new novel will be releasing in february. I am excited for it. Its very different from The Epidemic. I think […]


Updates and Recovery

Hey Guys! Its been a while I haven’t posted anything…. ugh don’t hurt me. I have been working on a few projects that will be released with in weeks to the end of this year. Yes! Novels, TV Shows, and short films. Its been a long process but Im still working hard. Thats my update and my recovery, well its […]

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M.N.R Seminar

Hey Guys So I have been getting a lot of hit ups about M.N.R Seminar, If I was going to bring back the show and today I was given the papers to fill out the BETA Awards. Unfortunately, due to certain reasons I am not bringing back M.N.R Seminar. However, I am working on a new show that will be […]



  Hey guys! I’m happy and proud to announce that I have release my very first book. It’s a poetry book about my life. I wanted my first book to be a personal one.  This one is very dear to me. You can get this book on or Thank you for your support.


Hi Guys

Welcome to my new page. Here it will be more personal more me than my other site Love Media Forever. Please also check out my websites and Thanks […]