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Tag: 2014

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American Horror Story: Seasons One – Four

Hey Droogz and Diamonds, October 7th will be the season premiere of American Horror Story Season Five. Before I Starr talking about what I hope to see season five, I’m […]


Updates and Recovery

Hey Guys! Its been a while I haven’t posted anything…. ugh don’t hurt me. I have been working on a few projects that will be released with in weeks to the end of this year. Yes! Novels, TV Shows, and short films. Its been a long process but Im still working hard. Thats my update and my recovery, well its […]

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Dominicanas in the MYX

Hey Guys! I know today was Favorite Movie wednesday but I will post one up shortly as a special 🙂 I was contacted by RoseMarie Reyes from Handz Down P.R. on Model Mayhem. I was hired to do an event called Dominicanas in the Myx. The sponsers were Myx Fusions and Hennessy. First off let me start out by saying […]

Amazing Talents 2


Hey Guys, Last monday I started this segment and I got phenomenal feedback so much love to everyone who gave me feedback. This Monday’s Hot Man is….   Yes! DAVID BECKHAM!!! Obviously he’s drop dead gorgeous so there was a guarantee I was going to write about him.     He’s an amazing soccer player. He played for several teams […]

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Hey Guys So I have been watching a few shows. One is being Big Brother. I have been watching Big Brother since it first came out. This season to me actually has been one of their best seasons in a long time. This season we have Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie is on the show. He recently found out his grandfather […]

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M.N.R Seminar

Hey Guys So I have been getting a lot of hit ups about M.N.R Seminar, If I was going to bring back the show and today I was given the papers to fill out the BETA Awards. Unfortunately, due to certain reasons I am not bringing back M.N.R Seminar. However, I am working on a new show that will be […]



  Hey guys! I’m happy and proud to announce that I have release my very first book. It’s a poetry book about my life. I wanted my first book to be a personal one.  This one is very dear to me. You can get this book on or Thank you for your support.