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What is the worst book of all time?

Hello My beautiful aspiring writers! Now, I was wondering was there a list of the worst book ever. I mean every time I say “Hey, what do you think is […]


My laptop broke!

Hello Droogz and Diamonds Welcome back to my blog! Droogz and Diamonds, it has been such a stressful month. However, good things did come out of it. First things first, My YouTube channel is finally going. So if you haven’t please subscribe to my channel. In my channel, I will mostly do Mukbangs but I will be doing story time, […]

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Summerslam Review

Hello Droogz and Diamonds, Welcome back to my blog! How are ya?! Now, before I get into today’s blog I do have an announcement. I have a YouTube Channel. YES! I have posted my intro video to my channel. Something small for the viewers. I promise as soon as I get all the things I need my videos will become […]

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The Governor of Puerto Rico Resigns

Hello Droogz and Diamonds, Welcome back to my blog! How are you?! OMG Ok guys so I don’t know if you knew this or not but I am Puerto Rican American. I was born in New York but my parents were born in Puerto Rico. From the title of this blog you already know what’s going to be discuss. I […]