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Most of my posts are cinema and novel reviews, but this time I wanted to blog something serious and that has been an issue that I have experience for the past few years. For folks who know me for over 10 plus years perceive me as someone who is kind and doesn’t like problems. If you met me five years ago, you faced me when I was at my lowest. To which I can convey about it but in another post.

I live in New York City. I was born and raised right here in the Boogie Down Bronx. I used to live around the Southern Blvd area. It’s mostly Hispanics, Indians, and African Americans around here. I never experience racism while I lived there. It wasn’t until I moved into the Westchester Square neighborhood. When I first moved over here, I didn’t find it to be a serious deal. I assumed it was just moving to the better neighborhood in the Bronx. There was a bakery supply shop, Quiznos, Wendys, things that where I lived before didn’t have. It was refreshing. Over the years, businesses such as the bakery supply store and Quiznos closed down and the area got worse.

After five years, I explored the square, hit up the bars, see what it is all about. Now, some places are nice such as Made in Puerto Rico, Mamajuana, and Wicked Wolf. There are some places which I will not name for legal that are not so kind to their customers of color. One night I went to a bar on Throgs Neck. Every pub I have been (in the Bronx) to there was constant awkward feeling from staff and regulars that go there. In one incident, I was called a sac for no reason. Another event, where the bartender spoke about him and his friends, did the Nazi salute for a prom photo, then look right at me after making that remark. I went to another spot with a friend of mine to eat. I asked for a cheeseburger with fries. My burger I wanted medium well, and I expected the fries to be cooked. My drink tasted like as if they added water to their soda machine to make more. The burger was rare, not even medium rare, and the fries were not cooked. I asked the server and my date over heard her say the source in the corner has a problem with the food. I mean…. why? As soon as I walk in, get stares. Individuals have told me well, it’s a Pub, what did I expect. So because of the establishment, it is ok for the racism and how they treat their clients of minority? Ok I would understand if we were in a state where they are redneck bikers then ok I looked for it but IN THE BRONX? NEVER! How could I think that when 80%-90% majority of the residents here are Latino, Indian and African American?

I would foresee this type of treatment in Manhattan, but in The Bronx? I have met amazing people in my journey. Individuals who have promising futures but others, not so much. My reason for speaking out now is because the problem is getting worse. Within my community and The Bronx as a whole, there shouldn’t be room for any racism. There is no excuse on why establishments should treat someone just by the color of their skin. I know by writing my experiences I would get backlash, but this is a time where, unfortunate that people are using politics for being ignorant. I judge no one by the color of their skin, by their choice of religion, by their choice of living. However, I judge one’s character and this section of The Bronx was an eye opener. So, you’re asking what’s the point of this post. My point is it doesn’t matter where you are, you can be in the most minority part of the country and you still get ignorant racist blessed. I was foolish to think never me and never here. How wrong I was? It is unfortunate that I cannot name these establishments, but I leave everything to the universe and let Karma come at them in a different way. Regardless, racism should not be condoled in any way. As a country we should unite rather than segregate.

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