Hello Droogz and Diamonds,

Welcome back to my blog.

Today’s blog I will explain and finally say my truth. Why did I stop doing photography.

Well, this all started when I was pushing myself to do gigs. I never really saw the potential of getting paid for it. It started as a hobby. Until a friend told me if I get better I can get paid. However, after a while people wanted me to do it for free. I was in the same situation that I’m in now. I was (Am) unemployed. I was doing photography and there were certain people who I didn’t mind doing things for free but others wanted the same treatment.

Ok, I blame myself totally for this however, its like going to your job. 9-5, you do the work, go home, when it comes to pay day, nothing, just oh thanks, We will call you.

I was going into this without knowing how. I wasn’t knowledgeable. Then, with gigs I got paid for I was late, it started to feel like a job. This was the time where the (what I like to call) dark ages of my life was beginning. I just out of nowhere loss motivation. Then working with people who were telling me what to do, but it was benefitting more of them than I, made me feel not only used but more. that if this is how it will be now and I’m not anything yet, imagine if I make it anywhere with doing photography.


Will I ever try it again? Yes, It’s still an apart of me, however right now I rather focus more on my writing and my YouTube channel.

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Be Kind


N.L. <3

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