Hello Droogz and Diamonds

Welcome back to my blog!

Droogz and Diamonds, it has been such a stressful month. However, good things did come out of it.

First things first, My YouTube channel is finally going. So if you haven’t please subscribe to my channel. In my channel, I will mostly do Mukbangs but I will be doing story time, vlogs and much more.


Ok so let me get to the tea. I will be doing a video about this as well. Two Wednesdays ago, my laptop (DELLarina) broke. The laptop broke. It fell face down and the screen popped out. I popped it back in. The screen was black and all it did was BEEP 8 times. I tried my best to fix it. I will be taking it into a shop once a girl gets coin.

This had made me so depressed. I was trying to make a comeback or even attempting to try after 10 years and I felt every time I was trying to move forward there was something setting me back. I had footage I needed to edit. It was just hurtful all around.


My family member who knew I needed this laptop. Today I got a knock at my door and it was UPS. I thought he knocked on the wrong door. He gave me a box, I signed. I opened a box to a new laptop. I am so grateful for even getting a new laptop it was like I was getting a second chance. I am eternally grateful.4

This means, I really gotta bust my ass! No more slacking like before. Leaving my depression behind. Ignore the hate. Even tho I get hate on a daily basis so might as well do YouTube.  I am grateful, excited, happy. I feel this is a new chapter in my life that I will be sharing with all of you guys!



NLR <3

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