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Now, before I get into today’s blog I do have an announcement. I have a YouTube Channel. YES!

I have posted my intro video to my channel. Something small for the viewers. I promise as soon as I get all the things I need my videos will become better.


Now back to why you clicked on here. Last night was the 32nd annual WWE’s Summerslam. This is one of the hottest PPV in the summer for WWE.

Let’s start with the Kickoff Show

Cruiserweight Championship — Drew Gulak (c) def. Oney Lorcan via pinfall to retain the title. Short match but it wasn’t entertaining at all. This for me was a flop so Im sorry but I’m going to give this a thumbs down.

Buddy Murphy def. Apollo Crews via disqualification. The match was decent but I liked how they brought in Rowan for storyline continuity purpose. I think in the right hands of creativity this can become a better and decent storyline

Edge returns to silence Elias. Droogz and Diamonds, this shocked the H E L L out of me. For many reasons, One I did read an article that Edge did say that he remains retired and he would not go back to the ring for money. But then last night He made a POP and speared Elias down. Now, I mean maybe he’s retired ever doing an in-ring match but I mean hey if he does come back, this chica right here will NOT be mad.

Women’s Tag Team Championship — Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (c) def. The IIconics via pinfall to retain the titles. Now you wrestling fans know this is a controversial one. For those of you who aren’t wrestling fans just avid readers to my blog, there have been reports that Vince McMahon isn’t a fan of the Women’s Tag Team titles. In my opinion, I do love the idea however, it’s (just as always) there are more deserving people than others. However, Im ok with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross being tag champs, even though to me they have a weird dynamic but shoot its working. I just hope to see Kari Sane and Asuka become champs. The match was honestly that great. I’m not going to give it a thumbs down but yeah that could have been better if the IICONICS weren’t the ones in the match. (Im sorry Ladies, I love you still)


Raw Women’s Championship — Becky Lynch (c) def. Natalya via submission to retain the title.

This match was definitely a good opening. Ladies you both brought it and it was well respected. HOWEVER, I am disappointed. No shade to WWE but I thought I was watching a female version of the Montreal Screwjob. I would have appreciated as a fan, that Natalya wins in her hometown. Becky, I understand she’s killing it but I think it’s time for a new champ (Other than Charlotte Flair)

Goldberg def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall

Ok honey if you thought it was a match for the decades, sweetheart subscribe to WWE it’s only 9.99 a month you get one month free and relive or watch for the first time. This um…. an EPIC FAIL. I’m sorry but Goldberg should have had another opponent. Ziggler I guess he’s trying to do the Shawn Michaels gimmick but honey it’s too late. If anyone thought this was going to be a match… no. This was just a filler. Something to fill the time up.  Ziggler cut an obnoxious promo saying he’s the best thing in professional wrestling.


Exactly my face expression. Happy Goldberg speared his ass. So in that WWE congrats ya did your job by getting under my skin with this one. Keep it going.

United States Championship — AJ Styles (c) def. Ricochet via pinfall to retain the title I have nothing to say  BECAUSE WE ALL KNEW THIS MATCH WAS GOING TO BE EXPECTIONAL except Ricochet coming out looking like he came out of the Tron Game or their dimension. We all knew AJ Styles was going to win. Did I want him to win? Yes. I feel if Ricochet is going to have a solo moment then let it be on Wrestlemania

SmackDown Women’s Championship — Bayley (c) def. Ember Moon via pinfall to retain the title I am pissed. PISSED!!! I love Bayley but damn Ember Moon needs to shine. Is it me or every time an NXT wrestler comes up and gets played. Asuka, Bobby Roode, Nakamura, I mean Vince Coffee Cakes con leche what is up! All of them can’t be an all american blonde. Just saying. The match for me was a hit and miss for me. It wasn’t up to par on how I envisioned the match would be. It didn’t sell me.

Kevin Owens def. Shane McMahon via pinfall: The stipulation entering the match was that Owens must quit WWE if he lost to McMahon. I was all for this match. All for it. Then I seeing it Im like what the hell is this. Elias served as ringside enforcer, as announced by McMahon, and what followed was a collection of WWE’s most predictable booking practices as Owens fought off constant interference that cost him pin attempts and nearly saw him counted out a handful of times. KO appeared to have the match won after he ducked a punch attempt from McMahon that knocked Elias off the apron. He landed a flipping senton from one top rope on McMahon before hitting a frog splash from another until Elias pulled the referee out to avoid the pin. KO took out both Elias and the referee with a running senton outside. After the referee later awoke to see Owens with a chair in his hand, KO waited for the referee to turn his back after taking it before kicking McMahon low and hitting a stunner for the pin. I would have expected more from these two but overall it was mehh.

Charlotte Flair def. Trish Stratus via submission

The greatest woman in WWE of Today VS One of the greatest women in WWE back then go face to face. I think this match was more of a pass the torch. Everyone knows or even thinks about WWE back in the late 90’s and 2000’s they think of Trish Stratus. 7 time women’s champ I mean she worked her hard for it. Charlotte Flair is one of the best in women’s wrestling today. She has her father’s attitude and her PPV winning streak is ridiculous. It was fitting for them to face off and it was perfect timing because I do not see this as a WWE women’s match in wrestlmania. The match was entertaining for what it was. I wasn’t disapponited. I expected the outcome.

WWE Championship — Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Randy Orton ends in a double countout

This match out of all of them I was invested due to the history between these two icons. Back in 2009 (I believe) Kingston and Orton had a match and called Kingston stupid. Im just briefing guys, Fast Forward 10 years later they bring their feud back for Summerslam. However was I impressed with the match. Absolutely not. You got two of the hottest guys in the industry and this is a match we get. Just one of those tricks up WWE sleeve to buy out a crowd.

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt def. Finn Balor via pinfall:

To be honest I was extremely invested in this match. Ok im not going to lie I didn’t like Bray Wyatt’s gimmick at first. I was like bring back my trailer trash weird man that I fell in love back and take back Mr. Rodgers. But now I keeping Mr. Rodgers. It is one of the best gimmicks in WWE and he is the only one that can crush the competition with AEW. The entrance is not for children but it was sickening.

WWE don’t be dumb and mess this up.

Universal Championship — Seth Rollins def. Brock Lesnar (c) via pinfall Im not a fan of the babyface Rollins but Im happy that he is the champ. Now Rollins can fight someone else and someone else other than Brock Lesnar be champ.


That is all guys!

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