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Welcome back to my blog!!! In today’s blog I will be discussing last night’s Monday Night Raw. Honey, this bitch is throwing the towel.

Let’s start off with Lacey Evans, Baron Corbin, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch segment. Rollins and Lynch are a real life couple and they’re bringing to the screen which is cute but shouldn’t be on screen. First off Baron Corbin looks like a general manager for Applebees. Lacey Evans girl I love the southern belle gimmick however I know the gimmick is going to come old quick. Now this whole match for Extreme Rules which I’m going to keep it real, I am invested for the winner takes all but honestly there’s no hype. I don’t want to see this match in PPV. Raw or Smackdown ok cool but for a PPV… come on WWE you have done better than that. What in the shitzingiggles is this?


Undertaker appearing on RAW.  Completely random but WWE need to bring their views up so why not bring the deadman. Leave the deadman retired! WWE, ya’ll already fucked up his Wrestlemania streak. I’m all about passion and making money but this man is so legendary he doesn’t need any of this. Now he’s in Extreme Rules PPV

Ok…… I just wanna see where they are gonna go with this shit.

Easter Eggs Drops: Meaning did ya’ll see FireFly Fun House Doll was in the building. 65324256_2534507769914006_8415581369576456192_n

I hope this means that Creepy Mr. Rodgers is coming soon. However, I do have to say this. At first I wasn’t invested in the pee wee herman house but after awhile it became the most exciting thing on RAW. I’m waiting you demonio.

24/7 Title: Ok This title is to make up for the Hardcore Title back in the day. This is their way of using other wrestlers that they haven’t been using which I’m upset about (EC3). 24/7 Title its cute but it’s not something I’m excited about. WWE is going to use Corny storyline which isn’t surprising. The title was created for those who will never get an opportunity for a shot at the Championship or Universial Title. However, I do want to see a woman hold that title. Dana Brooke it’s your only shot for a title go get it girlllll!


AJ Styles is back and fight Ricochet. Ok this is a match I definitely wanted to see but damn not on Monday Night Raw. This could have saved WWE Ratings. This if put the right story-line it could have been golden. Then now they are gonna build a storyline with the Bullet Club. Sorry but thats so last year But Vince McMahon and his dementia.


Strowman VS Lashley: TUG OF WAR… Hmmmm…. I’m guessing is the replacement for the Bra and Panties matches back in the Day. Basically it’s a bullshit filler.


If this is leading up to a Bullet Club….oh im sorry a ‘Balor Club’ reunion then please WWE pllease make this right because AEW with one PPV is killing you and you guys had so much content out… It’s shit.


The women’s segment is another thing that is interesting but as of late been Blah… I don’t know.. Ladies what happen.. did that time of the month come for all you women at the same time. Ladies step it up…. I don’t like this Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss segment. This reminds me of Charlotte with Dana Brooke. I was waiting for Dana Brooke to beat Charlotte’s Ass….. This pendeja is still waiting. I just hope they don’t do this to Nikki Cross. She’s a great wrestler and I just hope she doesn’t fall like what WWE did to Asuka.

Kofi Kingston is still champ which I love but I wish they would give him a better storyline. I mean to be honest I am completely turned off from Sami Zayn. It’s like one of the those one night stands that just never wants to go away and brags how good he is… Did you ever have one of those? Anyways, Sami and Owens together great just let Owens be more on the mic. I really preferred a Baby Face Sami. His heel is just simply annoying. Now they both individually fought Kingston for the title and of course lost because there is no way in hell Beavis and Butthead are getting a title shot any time soon.




Tonight is Smackdown. Lately haven’t been feeling it. Let’s see how it is tonight. If I missed anything. My Bad but a three hour show… shit… It’s alot.

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