Hello Droogz and Diamonds

Welcome back to my blog.

Um, this is a personal post. I really want all my readers, bloggers to get to know me and know what’s going on with me. Anyone who knows me knows that I wasn’t raised with my father. My mom was or I don’t know if you would consider her that but she was a single mom however, she had the support of my grandparents and they are my ideal family. My grandfather who I admire, who love and supported me through thick and thin. He is the only father I ever had. He told me the truth no matter how much it hurt and didn’t condole people who he knew weren’t good for me in my life.

Well, my grandfather had suffered a stroke. It happened back in February 2019, a few days after my birthday. My grandfather hasn’t been the same since. He is now in a nursing home. Ever since his stroke, it was looking at a different person and it still is.

This has been the most devastating thing my life, other than losing my grandmother. The reason why I decided to share this today because I thought it was time for you guys to know what’s going on in my life. Most of you guys have been following me for seven years and I am eternally grateful for that. Maybe there are people who have been in my situation and maybe can relate to me. I am very optimistic about my grandfather and his health. He’s a strong man. He takes his battles and fights his battle with courage and grace. I wish my grandfather a speedy recovery. I hope this isn’t the last battle because I am not ready to let go.


Thank you guys for always being supportive.



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