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I never or almost never post any drama at all. If the drama isn’t with me or something I need to address then by all means. However, I think I definitely have to shed light or give my opinion.

Eat with Que made a video giving her opinion about a collab that she did with Blove about 6 months ago. If you guys don’t know who they are I will post videos on the bottom for you to know who they are.

Honestly, I didn’t know who Que was until she made the expose Blove and family video. She waited six months to tell her story about what happened during the two days of her collab with Blove.

Blove and her family decided to put out a video addressing the situation (to which It was the right thing to do) and pulled out receipts.

Listen up Droogz and Diamonds, Everyone knows me to be brutally honest and in this post that’s not going to change. I have met nasty Christians in my life. I’ve met Christians who follow God but don’t live a holy life ok. I use to work for Copy and Print and the top 5 worse customers ranking at number 2 were Christians. However, Blove and her family are the true meaning of a Christian family. What you mean Nancy? What I mean is they DO NOT USE their faith as an excuse. To me, they don’t look like the vile Christians that I have encountered my entire life and at that, I wish I had a mukbang channel so I can collab with her.  You can tell that Blove and her family are truly genuine and they don’t put a front for the camera.

I’m not taking away from Que experience because I wasn’t there and I don’t know either woman. However, if you are going to talk about your experience with someone (and this is a general statement) you don’t have to do it in a negative way. Now, if you do have something negative to say don’t say it at all.  I think what she did wasn’t the right decision. If she felt in her heart it was then who am I to judge. I don’t think Que is mentally ill. What I do think is that she thought it was in the best interest to tell her truth, however, it was too late. I think she should have never done any video with them period if she felt some type of way.

I am the type of person that if I don’t like you or if I’m not feeling your energy or your spirit is off to me, I keep my distance and I remove myself from the situation. I don’t care about anything. I will never sit at a table and break bread with anyone that I don’t feel comfortable with. It can be 8 hrs drive, 8 hrs on a plane. Once I feel the energy and it’s fishy I remove myself.

From looking at the collab videos which I will post below. To me, there was nothing of an awkward moment. It literally looked like Que and Blove got along great and Que looked grateful for the collab with Blove.

There is something I do want to take from Que and she said how Blove saw her as a business transaction. To be honest, there are better collabs Blove can do that are way more “poppin” than doing a collab with you. To me, the best collab she did and I hope they do it again was Nikocado Avocado and I truly hope Blove does a collab with Tammy. Blove and Tammy in the same video oh lord now that will be a great collab lol! I love Blove and her family and they make me want to start my own channel doing mukbangs with my kids!

Her sister made an apology video to which I understand why her sister did it. I think that was the best thing her sister did. It just showed that she’s not embarrassed to call out her mistakes and ask forgiveness.

Why am I doing a blog about this? I have experienced what Blove and their family is going through. There have been people and especially one person who I was extremely nice to and they bashed me. When I was being nice to them, they called me a pussy, they said I was fake nice to keep an image, that I was doing it because I didn’t want people to look at me crazy. Listen, I’ve been there. It’s hard and emotionally draining. I can go and write posts, create a novel on Wattpad or even create a YouTube channel exposing people but what do I gain by doing that. I will continue to be how I have always been and that’s leaving things to God! Period!

Another thing that Que said that I want to call out on. She said nobody mentored her. She didn’t need help from anyone. Girlllll you are NOT fooling me. I am someone who has been doing film since I was 13 years old. That’s almost 20 years under my belt.  I don’t need to prove you or anyone anything about my credentials when it comes to filming. I’ve been the director, the camera girl, the sound girl, the editor (Which by the way you DO need help on that and I don’t mind teaching you a thing or two) girl I have done it all. How do I know how to do all of these things is because someone MENTORED me! Someone taught me a thing or two and my mentor was actually the gaffer to Spike Lee’s Movie “She’s gotta have it”  If anyone saw you as a threat to their career they wouldn’t embrace you at all.

Que this isn’t a blog to hurt you in any way. Again, you had your reasons why you put out your video and I understand but when you are doing it in a way to tear someone down that’s just not right. What upsets me is that you think filming is easy. It’s not. Setting up is hard especially if you have legit equipment and not  DSLR with a mic sticking out from the top of the camera ok.  I think the next time if you ever have a situation like you did with Blove and her family the best thing to do is to gracefully walk away. You don’t need to tarnish anyone because, in reality, you are damaging your career by doing that. If you are telling the truth trust and believe God will shine it out to the light for everyone to see.

What are your thoughts on the Blove and Que situation?

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