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My husband and I are both Pisces. This Sunday we celebrated his Birthday. We decided to go to a New spot called Shanghai Red. It literally has been open not even a week.


(My Husband and I when I was pregnant with our daughter)

The menu is literally printed paper on a clipboard. They really didn’t have a lot of options on their menu which is totally fine. I always feel the less that’s on the menu the food the better will be.

I want to apologize for the poor quality in the photos. Im a poor pendeja, mother of two, working only 16 hrs a week. So the struggle is definitely real.

First, we had grilled octopus.


I never had octopus period. It was very interesting to try lol. I never thought I would be able to even try seafood again. When I was younger I develop an allergic reaction to seafood and shellfish. It was so bad I had to carry EpiPens. It was that bad.  After giving birth to my children for some reason I don’t have an allergic reaction as I use to. It’s weird.

Back to Date Night.

So we had Grilled Octopus, sauteed peppers and onions with Shanghai sauce. It was delicious. For my first time trying Octopus, it was really good.

The next dish which is my dish is


It’s Shanghai red sushi. The ingredients are crab meat, cream cheese, Shrimp Tempura, with Spicy Mayo.


My Husband order Chicharron de Pollo, pickled cabbage and Yuca.

He enjoyed his dish. I tried Chicharron de Pollo, for me, it was a little too greasy for my liking.

Overall we did enjoy ourselves. The energy was great. We did really enjoy ourselves. If you’re in the NYC area Please check this out.

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