Hey Droogz and Diamonds,

I want to give a pregnancy update.

Before I talk about my pregnancy update, My boyfriend and I found out what we are having and by the end of this post, you will too.

Update on my pregnancy: This is as of Yesterday. So I got a phone call from my doctor and she informed me that I have Placenta Previa and preeclampsia.

Placenta Previa is when the placenta is covering the opening of the cervix. If it covers it then the baby can’t give birth vaginally and it would have to be done by C-Section.

Preeclampsia is known as to be potentially dangerous pregnancy due to high blood pressure.

She also told me that our child is a big baby. I have to be careful about what I am eating. I have been indulging too much so I’m going to cut back.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I didn’t have a belly at all. It just looked like I was fat with a weird body shape. Now, I look even more fat with a weird body shape.

After this pregnancy, I have to get my #Waistgang on or if not #DRMiami here I come.

Now, With this pregnancy, I wanted to do a gender reveal party but I wasn’t able to. So I decided to announce my gender reveal over Facebook.

Now Its time for me to finally reveal what I am having.

I am having a……

Now that you know what I am having, did you guess right lol.

Thank you Droogz and Diamonds

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Be Kind


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