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Being on social media and seeing what other post and comment, the question that pops up into my mind is, when do things go far?

Someone who I am friends with on Facebook (Who I will not name for legal reasons) had shared a post of an 8 year old boy who identifies himself as drag. His comment sharing this post was The world is cruel and he’s too young to be identified as drag. He hope the little boy understand that in this world not everyone is going to accept him for who he is.

With his comment I do agree with him to a certain extent. I do hope the boy understands we live in a world (especially now) that there are people who are not accepting of his type of lifestyle and he will have battles in life. I have a lot of gay friends. I am biggest fruit fly you will ever meet. Seeing their struggle for acceptance even till this day is something they are in constant battle however its not something they make it as their everyday priority. Its either you like them or not just be respectful. I’m not saying at all that the 8 year old boy is gay but this boy will face struggle of acceptance due to the sheer ignorance in this world.

With him posting this led into a conversation that ended being ugly and disrespectful. Everyone has an entitled to their own opinion to which this nation based its constitution on. Freedom of speech. However, being disrespectful towards one another isn’t going to solve anything. It’s not going to conclude anything and especially not going to learn from each other.

There are men out there (NOT SAYING ALL) who do have intendency of being disrespectful towards women, and calling out the victim card as men say women do. Having the nerve to shut down feminism but praise masculinity.

For Example: This is a serious question and I expect serious and mature adult answers…. CAN any one man or woman explain to me why monogamy in a relationship is a must in order to reflect an individuals love for their partner … if you’re reading this think deeply about your response as I am prepared to argue the points against you with actual and newly found continuous supporting facts that may differ from what you feel how you think and where you stand on the subject I say this because in more ways than you may actually know your points maybe just what you prefer but that does not make your preference factual or true ! With that let’s begin … 

This is first comment that just went left: bitch only person who sounds stupid here is you lmaooo reading what you wrote let’s me know your an insecure cunt lmaoooo you big mad or little mad ?

Now the person wrote in the status:  This is a serious question and I expect serious and mature adult answers….

If this is suppose to be just a conversation piece to see the opinions of others, why be disrespectful?

That I never understood. This isn’t the first post this is all over social media. Ive seen comments men right about overweight women and discouraging them but liking photos of women with perfect body knowing damn well their gf is going to find out.

My opinion, I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whether may people agree or disagree people have the right to say what they want. It’s how you say it. Unfortunately there are people that are disrespectful and get away with being disrespectful. It’s how you handle the situation, you can kill the situation or lead it on.

I have a question to ask you.. When do you think things go far? Comment below


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