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I’m happy to announce that my family will be extending. Yes, I am pregnant with my second child. My daughter is only 11 months. I am currently 14 weeks. My boyfriend and I couldn’t be any more excited. I wasn’t planning on having another child so soon but I am happy that I am having another child for many many reasons.

One: I am an only child from my mother side. I wasn’t raised with my father side and I’m not close with my siblings. Growing up I had cousins surround me but there was still an empty feeling of not having a brother or sister around. Even now that I have children, My children won’t able to have that special bond with an aunt or uncle because I am an only child.

Two: A lot of parents have their second child when their child is 2 years old. That was my plan but things went differently. Having a child now before my daughter turns one is something that I’m not regretting. At least they will have each other. A lot of women have told me I’m doing it right. It will be harder for me but I’m prepared to take on whatever challenge comes my way.

My question for all my followers is, Do you think to have a second child before your first child is a good thing or a bad thing? Comment below


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