Hello Droogz and Diamonds,

It’s been two months since the tragedy of Junior Guzman Feliz. I can’t imagine what his mother is going through and I admire her strength during her time of mourning.

There have been more updates and arrests since my last post. Last time these guys were in court all pleading not guilty.

They were caught on video! Honestly, If these guys don’t serve some type of time. Then this judicial system is messed up. As a mother, and a Bronx native, I would be damned if they don’t receive some type of time.

There was a video surfacing showing the store owner (“what it looked like”) please look at the sarcasm in my quote marks, but look like the store owner pushing him away and then, THEN letting those guys grab him. Um, I’m not a lawyer by any means but isn’t that accessory?

The store has been brought by a new store owner and people were outraged. I understand the frustration, however, this is a different owner and we can’t pass judgment to him because of a previous owners mistake.

That’s all the information I know. The boys are due back in court in October. I do hope his mother and the family gets the justice they deserve for Junior.


Be Kind, Stay Humble




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