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This post is one that I have to talk about. I briefly posted things on my twitter about it but I can’t keep shut anymore.

Maybe of my followers may know this story, maybe my followers don’t know, maybe this is the first time on my blog. If this is your first time on my blog, welcome.  In my blogs,  I have no filter. I write what’s on my mind and that’s how I have always been.

I want to make something clear. I am from The Bronx. Born and Raised. I’ve seen messed up things and I’ve been through messed up things. I have been betrayed by bitches who I thought were my friends but that’s gonna be on another post. In The Bronx, There are good areas and there are bad areas like anywhere else.

Unfortunately,  a 15-year-old kid by the name of Lesandro Guzman Feliz was murdered last week. This was a case of mistaken identity. There is a video circulating on social media on of Lesandro Guzman Feliz being dragged out of the store and stabbed by a gang. Then after being stabbed he goes back into the store asking for help. Everyone shunned him away. The poor boy ran to St. Barnabas Hospital where he collapsed and died.  I will not be posting that video. It’s too much.

The story that unfolded.

(I am going by media outlets and a story that is on social media)

This tragedy begins off with a Mistaken Identity.


Irving Osuna (seen in the photo with Stephanie Astacio) was the guy they were looking for. Back in August 2017, Osuna was on the bed while Astacio was having sex with another guy. At the time she was about 13 or 14 years old. First off, Where the hell was her mother. Why at 13 she’s having sex!!!!! She should be playing with Barbies or shit at least doing something productive other than that!!!

At first,

people thought it was this girl, who is a relative of one of the killers.


This is not the girl in the sex tape. She looks absolutely nothing like her. Anyone who continues to harass her through social media she has every right to take legal action.

June 20th, Junior enters into a store in fear for his life. Three men enter the store, drag him out of the store and viciously attack him.


The first male on the left fled to DR. His mother at first didn’t know about the altercation that her son was in. Once she found out she called the cops on her son and had him arrested in DR. The last thing that was heard about him was that he was cooperating with the police on the investigation. In New York terms, He’s being a rat.

Kevin Alvarez was the first arrest to be made.


In an exclusive interview, he said he wasn’t apart of the notorious gang. He admitted to dragging him out of the store but he only thought it was going to be a beat down and not a hacking and stabbing. During his interview, he said that he was going to a party.  So my question is why the hell didn’t you go to the party. What upsets me, even more, is that he is a father himself to a three-year-old boy. How would he have liked it if that was his son? He wasn’t thinking at all. I think his brain was on airplane mode. Kevin you telling me you didn’t see that machete? Oh please! However, The PO who said he was going to leave his cell open for people to attack him. That was just dead wrong and that PO should be removed. No matter the crime and how you feel, this is your job to be around criminals. Don’t be a savage and an animal like them.


These six men were arrested in Patterson, NJ. When they went to their hearing, 5 out of 6 want to play it off like their ass don’t know english. Please save the BS for someone who believes your BS.  There have been people on social media who say these gentlemen look anothing like the attackers.

The one on the upper middle is a rapper who goes by the name Canelito. A spanish reggaeton rapper. Man, you had a dream you was chasing! You was trying to make into the music industry! Why would you do something to jepordize it. Oh wait, that’s right you want to show little guys not even top notch Gotti OG guys but little guys how gangsta you can be. Yo now you’re goin to be rapping

No tires el jabón si no quieres que te toquen en el agujero de tu botín…

(Don’t drop the soap if you don’t want to be touched in your booty hole)

The one in the lower middle, yes the one who wanna look like Chris Brown as if nobody is gonna recognize him. He showed absouletly no remorse whatsoever! He better keep that same face when they read his verdict.

Now, Joniki Martinez is saying he isn’t the man in the red shirt. So then who is it? It has said that this guy has a tattoo on his neck. In this photo I don’t see a tattoo, but Ill look at the video again to see.


The leader of the gang sends a message to the family of Junior stating it was a mistaken identity and they are sorry.

I wish sorry was a spell to bring people back to life. What is sorry gonna do?

How can not one but a damn group of guys mistake an identity?

Honestly, This case has been all over the media with different stories. Now, the defense is going to play it out as they aren’t the men in the video. Ok, first of this is such a tragedy but in The Bronx, this isn’t the first tragedy that is similar to this. I’m happy this got media attention whatever the truth maybe.

Story 1: He went downstairs to give his friend $5 for the train then that’s where he got assaulted.

Story 2: He went to pay the store owner $5 and that’s when the attack happened

Stry 3: Junior saw them and started running. They mistaken his identity to someone they had a problem with (Not Irving Osuna)

We will never know the truth. As more the story unravels, it just doesnt make sense.

Living in the Bronx is tough! You gotta deal with BS like this. I love my Bronx but I can’t raise my kids here. I don’t my children to be a statistic. I understand there is crime everywhere nothing has changed. Crime is risen to 70%  in the Bronx. I truly hope that now all the politicans, people in the community will listen!! As for Donald Trump not commenting anything, is nothing new. Mayor De Blasio not commenting I’m not surprised either. It’s so sad.

I do hope everyone and I mean everyone who played a role in this attack AND WHO DIDNT HELP HIM GETS WHAT IS COMING TO THEM. I never wish bad on anyone but Karma is such a huge boomerang.

I will keep following this case more and updating more info.


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  1. I just found your blog and I’m in Texas. I haven’t owned a television for years. In fact, I was homeless during the time this poor child was killed. My point being that I don’t remember hearing of this in the news when it happened. I’m just now finding Junior’s story through YouTube. I weep for him and I weep for his mother.
    I appreciate reading your thoughts here as a Bronx native. It’s unbelievable what happened to that kid!

    • So far from what I know out of the five from the first round of trials. Three got 25 to life, The other one I believe got 20 years because of his age, then the one that gave the fatal wound got life. This really hit home to a lot of people because it’s senseless violence act like this that continues to happen. Its unfortunate something like this had to happen in order for a community to take action.

  2. An all around tragedy. This beautiful boy deserved nothing but happiness, what a real survivor running himself to the hospital. It makes me sick every time I think about it. We have to do better to help people in need.

  3. Thank you for following this case. You took the words and thoughts right out of my mouth. I was planning on visiting new York and see what it has to offer but now I’m thinking about how safe it is to visit. I wouldnt want my kids growing up there either. I hope the people who recorded, the owner , the customers at the store and store owners associate or whatever, the cops who didn’t help him outside the hospital , the girl form the sex tape Stephanie Astacio, Irving Osuna the one who recorded it ,and everyone who didn’t help get what they deserve along with the killers. I do believe that what goes around comes around.

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