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I‘ve been so busy with writing and signing up for college which was hard for me but nevertheless, I did it.

Speaking of writing, I have a Wattpad account. Wattpad is like a social media based for writers. I recommended it to all writers who are looking to showcase their work besides a blog. If you do have an account, please follow me @MissNancyLydia and I‘ll follow back.

As much I would love to share about books and I will do so in another post, This is about the announcement on Amazon Studios. They are closing the open submission for scripts on June 30th. When I read their message, It hurt me deeply. I loved Amazon studios. I felt this was a great way for other screenwriters to connect with each other and have an opportunity for scripts to get picked up.

I find this decision a good but bad decision. Studios, especially TV Studios are looking for original fresh content. Amazon studios gave that opportunity for writers.

I created an account for Amazon Studios but I never post any work. I blame myself for letting bad experiences getting in the way of fate. I am regretting it now. However, you still can submit your scripts to withoutabox.com. It’s a film submission website. Look for the submissions and it’s requirements.

Even though it does pain me the decision that was made, There are other ways to get your scripts out there.


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