Hello Droogz and Diamonds,

My website has been changed and I finally put up a portfolio for my photography and for my films. If you haven’t seen my photography please click here.

These are the services I provide but I will go into detail about what comes with the service of your pick.



I will start from left column to right column.

Portraits- It can be from a single person to a family. Whether its a maternity shoot, headshots or family portrait it is for $100. You can do only one look and its ranges from 2-20 photos retouched. If you would not like the photos to be retouched you must let me know once you put in your request.

Family Session- This is for specifically for families of 5 or more. The price is $100 for 1 look. If you like to do more than one look it will be an additional $25 per look. The photos

Blogger Session- Bloggers out there who needs new photos on their website this is specifically for you. You can do two looks for the price of $100. 2-20 photos will be retouched.

Events- Whether is a beauty, corporate, small businesses, parties, shows or whatever event, the rate is $200 for two hours (Minimum hire is two hours) You will get 2-20 photos retouched.

Weddings- There is no specific rate for weddings because weddings can be from anything. I can do wedding ceremony to the wedding reception. Please send your request to the email above and I will give a quote. When you are sending your email please be very detailed in your request. Time, Hours, Prints, and What type of service.

Please note: All photography jobs can take 3-6 weeks. Only 2-20 photos will be retouched however you will receive the photos that weren’t retouched. This is only digital print, If you want prints with any of the services above with a set price please note that when sending your request. Printing is an additional fee. There is a traveling fee service depending on the location.  All date reservation requires a %25 non-refundable booking fee.

Custom Books- I have gotten a lot of this over the years. I create custom books for events. It can be stories for a child’s birthday party as a party favor or custom books for a company. If you have the story, that’s fine. Email it over and I will create it into a book. This can be just one custom print as a gift to a bulk order. The price varies on what you are trying to do. Please email me and I can give a quote.

Please note: Complete books can take 6-8 weeks. Please put in your request at least 9 weeks before the date that is needed. 

Editing- There are a lot of writers out there who need an editor to edit their stories or just need the help because they don’t have the time to do it themselves. I provide this service. It’s 500 words for $50 dollars. If its less that 500 words then its $25 dollars.

Please note: Edits can take 1-8 weeks. Please send writings in word doc format.

Film Editing- I do film editing as well. Film edits will be done on Adobe Premiere. Short films will be $150 for the edit and Features will be $250. If it’s a slide show that needs to be done it can range from $50 to $100 dollars. It all depends on what is needed and time frame.

Please note: Edits can take 4-8 weeks. Send video footage to a dropbox or google drive. Any information will be sent.

Print and Design- In the world of print people need things to be printed. Sometimes I. From a document to a full design for a business. I provide that service at a reasonable price.

Please note: Designs can take up to 4 weeks. Any printing can take from one day to 2 weeks. All orders vary.


*Some orders will have a shipping fee. 

If anyone has any questions please email me at Nancylyramirez@outlook.com

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