Hello Droogz and Diamonds,

As most of you may know I have a beautiful daughter by the name of Gianna. She will be 9 months this month. How time goes by so fast. In my pregnancy, I couldn’t wait for her to get out of me. Now she’s growing too fast.

My pregnancy was OK. At work people were kind, some of them had to be but others were genuine. I was stressed because of the ongoing drama. I imagined my first pregnancy to be a happy and joyous and that didn’t happen for me.

I had plans for a gender reveal but never had it. Plans for a baby shower but that was a disaster. I was fortunate to have the family I do.  I was blessed with gifts for my daughter. There was just so many negative things that I just removed myself from everything.

The cravings to which I had were not out of the ordinary as pregnant women on TV or in movies make it seem to be.

  • Chocolate- A craving and a rare one because I’m not crazy about chocolate. I’ll have it time to time but nothing huge.
  • Starburst- It was sweet flavors that made me want more.
  • Captain Crunch Berries- This was something I was always constantly buying. I never ate this until I was pregnant. I tried it after my pregnancy. The enjoyment of it wasn’t the same.

Would I have another child? The answer is yes! I am an only child. My cousins have their siblings but I was alone. I don’t want my daughter to have the same feelings as I do. As a child, about that, because you’re too busy with playing with toys or games.

I want to know what was your pregnancy experience. Comment below.

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I am always grateful for my followers.

Be Kind, Love each other, and stay pretty.


NLR <3



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