Hello Droogz and Diamonds,

I hope everyone enjoyed their memorial day weekend. I sure did.

Now the title of this blog says it all. Why did I quit? You must be wondering what the hell did I quit.

In 2016, I have decided to walk away from doing film, photography, and blogging. Here is why.

I want my readers or anyone who is reading this to know that I am not writing this in the intent to hurt anyone. I am just writing my experiences and just to let anyone has experience what I went through

Before I had made that decision, there was always something negative happening when I was creating something good. It had gotten to the point people didn’t want to work with me and I didn’t want to work with them. There were others that have supported me to which I am truly blessed. Here are some of the things I have experience in film and photography that made me just say deuces.


  1. There was a film called Dog Eat Dog. You won’t be able to find this film because it never got passed the pre production stage. I was hired to be a director. The person that hired me I thought was a friend. When you’re being hired by a production company as a director, you are considered talent and not a producer. The person that hired me wanted me to find the crew (to which I understood because at the time he was living in Texas) I agreed. Then leading from that I got a associate producer credit. Then, He didn’t want to give money to have an audition held to which I had to pay $100 for and only got $75 back. I never agreed to put any money in but I had no choice so I lost out on $25. The money didn’t upset me. What upset me is that I invested into something and I was hired to be a director. I had a team and I had a crew ready. He kept telling other crew members to delegate me. When I mean other crew members I meant a crew member that wasn’t a producer. A crew member that was like a locations manager. I got fed up because of his unprofessionalism I resigned as director. I had a vision and when I do a project I want it to be worth it not for myself but for others involved in the project. The unprofessionalism got even worse through emails, spreading lies about me and even deleted me off of Facebook. The worse of it all is he stole my story The Epidemic. it started off as a short film I did in 2010 and made it into a series. After the Dog eat Dog I was in the hospital waking up from surgery to get a message from him asking me to support his book. When I read the synopsis to his book it was exactly to the tea of the epidemic. I will never work with him ever again. I haven’t spoken to him ever since and I don’t intend to. If your upset fine but to steals someone art it just hits hard.
  2. There was a guy I met in a film shoot. He was a director of photography and I was a script supervisor. I guess he liked me so he started questioning me about my movie skills. One thing that annoys my entire soul is someone giving me a pop quiz about film. Like oh who’s your favorite director? and you cant say Steven Spielberg.  Oh how many movies you watch a day? What is a pull focus? GRRRRR…. SO ANNOYING. Long story short because I didn’t watch the list of movies he gave me and he was trying to talk to me knowing I wasn’t interested he said I wasn’t a filmmaker that I wasn’t passionate enough. Trashed my name.
  3. IF YOU DONT PAY TAXES ON YOUR FILM COMPANY THEN YOUR NOT A FILMMAKER! I’m not even getting into that one. The quote says enough.
  4. People cancel last minute. Screws everything up
  5. I did a show called MNR Seminar due to people not knowing there place in production and insulting me, I decided to pull the plug on the show. Mind you it was nominated for an award. I’m considering bringing the show back just working with different people and/or same people with different roles.

There is a lot more but these have stand out to which I said peace I’m out.

What made me comeback?

Simple…. I miss doing it. No matter what I went through, I miss the creativity, the work, the art and the few good people I have came across doing this. I miss creating content. It was one of the joys in my life.

Now that I’m a mother it has a new meaning now to me. I want to prove to my daughter that I didn’t give up. This time I am doing things differently using the experiences I went through as learning lessons to never happen again.

I want to know if anyone experienced something that just made them quit because of all the negativity or any experience and want to share your story. Please comment. I would love to hear people’s experience.


Be Kind to each other

NLR ❤️


  1. Sorry to hear of the rollercoaster ride you went through… I am gratly ​glad you are back through… Nothing is better than expressing and creating and working with amazing people who love the work just like you

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