Hello droogz and diamonds! 

Last year my life changed forever. I gave birth to my daughter Gianna. She’s been a huge blessing but while being pregnant with her wasn’t. I was working as a field support representative for an outsource company. I had to work in different sites. I can be schedule for one and that same day drop what I’m doing to go to another site. 

My boss was a great boss and great man. He always took care of me. Unfortunately, my boss died. The new bosses came over and it wasn’t easy. The labor laws for pregnant women and for both maternity and paternity leave is not enough. 6 weeks isn’t enough. Other countries get one year with pay. I feel newly parents should get at least 6 months to one year. 

Now my personal experience wasn’t great as I hoped. I dreamt this moment my whole life. To be happy to share this new experience but it was ruined by not only by my family, but by my partner and his family. There were times I wanted to cry. I was stressed out. Which wasn’t healthy at all. I had three panic attacks during my pregnancy. 

However, I was blessed to have the family I had. My baby shower was not how I hoped. But I was blessed to have two. I was fortunate that my family came through. Things didn’t plan out as I had hoped but I am grateful that I had my family. I am also grateful that Giann a was born on September 16.

My pregnancy experience wasn’t great and every Friday I’ll post up a blog on my experience through out everything. This is just a rundown. 

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