She goes by the name Molly.

She comes out, making everyone spend their pretty Polly.

She comes in like a snake, the same snake that was on the tree where the apple was eaten by Eve.

Even after smoking a blunt, she comes around and says well try me I can make your fantasies become a high reality.

I told this bitch to stay away from my friends and family.

Worse than ecstasy.

Rappers who children look up to look at me as the new hype.

I’m the new cocaine.

I will get you high and ruin your mother fucking life.

She said to me you thought I was a joke. I will become your high of all time.

She said I can get you addicted to my taste, it’ll be hard to get rid of me.

To the point you signed away your faith and now the next taste can take you the grave..

She said I have no favorites. I said I think its time for you to walk away.

She said nope I’m here to stay. Be careful trying to get rid of me, I’ll come back harder and make sure the next one is dead.

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