Hey Droogs and Diamonds!

I know everyone sets goals in the new year.

I was a person who did not set any goals for the new year. I felt that if you do set goals and don’t accomplish them or don’t even have the motivation to do the goals you set for yourself then you set yourself up for failure. Now, I do believe there are benefits to failure but in this case its different. I accomplished something last year that was life changing for myself. This was a goal I accomplished without realizing it. I want to share this with all of you just as motivation.

I am a firm believer in the universe. I believe if you ask, believe you have it and you shall receive.. If you have goals that you want to set always start with I am happy and grateful that now… and write your goal and act as if you have it.

Here are my goals

loa fit


This is my vision board. Whats yours?! Reblog my blog and make your own vision board. Make sure you use the tags Vision Board 2015, The Secret, Goals.


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