Hey Guys!

First let me start out by apologizing. I haven’t posted anything up on tuesdays and wednesdays as I ususally do but from now on I will.

You guys are wondering why she has this post or what the hell is M.N.R Seminar. M.N.R Seminar was a film review tv show that I had on Bronxnet television. If you are living in the Bronx it would be in channels 68. However due to recent events that happened, I have decided to stop doing the show. It hurts me so much but Creative difference was too much of a problem. I wish my team and the co-host of M.N.R Seminar the best of luck but M.N.R Seminar will not be continuing in any further production. Thank you so much to everyone who has support the M.N.R Seminar shows even if it wasn’t the best show. Your support meant absolutely everything. You’re the best and I hope I can do other projects in the future.

Thank you so much!



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