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There is a lot of amazing talents out there in the world and this person is one of them. Keys Ritual is a Makeup Artist based in NYC. Not only does he do makeup but he does full body art which is amazing. I met keys about a year or two ago and he was the makeup artist on my film set and I cant express enough how talented he is. He does have a youtube page where you can see his work.


This is actually one of my favorite looks. People who know me know I love the club kids scene, and this video is his club kid look which I found to be amazing because it was so simple but out there at the same time for it to be a club kid look.



Click on the photo to see the youtube video

As I said before, he also does full body painting and this is one of my favorites that he has done by far. Its a demon monochrome look. If you guys know me you guys know I love anything horror related.


Click the photo to see the body art tutorial video. 

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